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Chapter 906 Chance To Break Through

  • “Mr. Xiao, whatever you have to say, say it. Don’t beat around the bush,” Huang Xiaoyong asked directly, not bothering to guess what could be on Xiao Dou’s mind.
  • “Mr. Huang, the Gale Ring has been dominated by a ruthless figure these past six months. Everyone who challenged him had died in the ring. So, I was hoping you could come forward and help me deal with this man,” Xiao Dou said.
  • “Mr. Xiao, isn’t the Gale Ring a place where the strongest survives? The fact that he can defeat all the challengers shows he possesses great strength. Why are you so hostile towards him?” Huang Xiaoyong asked incomprehensibly.
  • “I’m afraid there is something you don’t know, Mr. Huang. As the second landmark of Xiaoling City, the Gale Ring used to be a lively and extraordinary place that attracted many to duel in the arena. But since that man became the arena master, his strength and brutality have managed to reduce the number of contestants who dared to step into the ring. If this continues, the Gale Ring might lose its original purpose.” Xiao Dou stated his purpose directly, having nothing to hide.
  • The Gale Ring had been quite popular in the past. It used to be a must-go for many who came to Xiaoling City, for it triggered their desire to engage in combat. But now, only a few were interested in visiting the Gale Ring, and the reduction in the number of visitors in turn impacted the prosperity of Xiaoling City. This was why Xiao Dou requested Huang Xiaoyong’s assistance to deal with that man.
  • It was simple, really. What was once a lively venue was now virtually deserted. As the governor of the city, Xiao Dou must find a way to turn the situation around.
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