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Chapter 884 Shocking The Entire Longyun City

  • Huang Xiaoyong entered the city with Manticore by his side.
  • News of that sight shook the entire Longyun City in less than a quarter of an hour after his arrival.
  • Everyone in the crowd was looking at Huang Xiaoyong and the Manticore with envious eyes.
  • This was the proudest moment of Longyun City, and Huang Xiaoyong was destined to be written in Longyun City’s history books. No one in the city had ever tamed a seven-star, and he was the first. Hence, he was the pride of Longyun City.
  • At the governor’s residence, Huang Houyi was in despair. Huang Xiaoyong going up by two stages had helped stabilized his position as the governor, but he had gone to the Middle Area for the Hunting. The moment he heard the news of Manticore appearing in the Middle Area, his heart sank.
  • Everyone knew how powerful the Manticore was. Huang Xiaoyong, an individual of Fourth Stage, stood no chance against a seven-star familiar. Therefore, Huang Houyi was sure that Huang Xiaoyong would not return alive this time. Not only was he losing his son, but he might also lose his position as the governor. Huang Houyi could not accept a reality like this.
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