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Chapter 87 Piano Prince

  • Shen Zhuoman hid her bag behind her diffidently. The one she was carrying was indeed a counterfeit and she had expected Rong Liu to expose her in first glance.
  • “Why are you hiding? So what if it is a fake? I wasn’t laughing at you at all. You don’t have to be scared~” Rong Liu shook her head and giggled.
  • “Darling, they are all your classmate, why are you embarrassing them? People might think you are bullying them.” Yang Wen walked towards Rong Liu and hugged her shoulder. The man couldn’t avert his eyes away from Su Yimo. Just from her temperament, looks and body, Rong Liu couldn’t hold a candle towards her. However, that beauty was married to a piece of trash. What a waste!
  • When Shen Zhuoman saw Yang Wen, she was stunned. Not because of his look but the way he dressed. The woman would never forget that outfit.
  • When Han Jingru was playing the piano in the shopping mall and got famous, he was wearing the exact same shirt Yang Wen was currently wearing. How could he have the exact same piece? Was that a coincidence?
  • At that time, Han Jingru walked forward and stood beside Su Yimo. The woman introduced him with a smile, “This is my husband. I believe every one of you have heard of his name and I shall not waste time introducing him.”
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