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Chapter 866 Testing Han Jingru

  • Chen Yanran fumed when she didn’t get the answer she wanted. All she felt like doing was to tear Han Jingru apart. The maid carefully approached her and informed, “Ms. Chen, Mr. Chen will be home tomorrow, so please don’t let this matter spoil your mood.”
  • Chen Yanran wanted to calm herself down, but her heart was still in turmoil.
  • As the eldest daughter of the Chen family, she was frustrated that she could barely handle a piece of trash like Han Jingru, who was staying in their mansion.
  • “Ms. Chen, do you want to wait for your brother to return and get him to test Han Jingru?” the maid proposed.
  • Chen Yanran had a brother whose name was Chen Tiexin, and he was a Second Stage fighter. Despite not being exceptionally strong, he was extremely protective of Chen Yanran. All these years, he was the main reason why Huang Xiaoyong had failed to get his way with his sister.
  • Chen Tiexin was initially very much against Chen Yanran’s marriage. However, when he realized that using that piece of trash could stop Huang Xiaoyong’s harassment, he had no choice but to bow to reality.
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