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Chapter 864 Taking A Disciple

  • Hearing Han Jingru’s words, Huang Xiaoyong regained his composure. Meanwhile, his followers’ knees buckled in fear, causing them to collapse onto the ground.
  • “You... Who in the world are you?” When Huang Xiaoyong saw Han Jingru approach him, he retreated in fear.
  • From Huang Xiaoyong’s perspective, Han Jingru’s decision to leave the Chen residence and come to the outskirts was suicidal. In fact, he even thought that Han Jingru was a fool. But now, he clearly understood why Han Jingru did so. The man assumed by everyone to be useless was far from it. To be able to take down more than ten Second Stage fighters in such a short time meant that he was at least as strong as a Fourth Stage fighter.
  • Fourth Stage!
  • Given how rare it was to find a fighter in Longyun City, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that Han Jingru was the strongest fighter in the city.
  • “Me? I’m called Han Jingru, and I’m Chen Yanran’s husband. How can you forget about that in such a short time?” Han Jingru answered with a chuckle.
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