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Chapter 852 Make A Bet

  • After listening to Han Jingru’s explanation, a dangerous glint flickered in Jiang Yingying’s eyes. Anyone who hurt Su Yimo and Han Xiang would be deemed as her enemy. Since He Xiaoxiao had the intention of doing so, Jiang Yingying thought it was best to just kill her.
  • “Jingru, why don’t you just kill He Xiaoxiao?” Jiang Yingying asked in an icy voice.
  • Han Jingru flashed her a bitter smile without answering her. There’s no way I can kill He Xiaoxiao, the daughter of the head of Three Halls, so easily.
  • If I can just kill her, I won’t even have to send Zhuang Tang and Gong Tian to Yun City.
  • Although He Qingfeng had demoted his daughter to the Bronze rank, it did not mean he stopped caring about her. In fact, the decision was nothing but a window dressing to appease the public anger toward He Xiaoxiao after she made that offensive statement at the entrance of the Devil’s Cave. As much as He Qingfeng wanted to defend his daughter, there was nothing he could do when the matter eventually escalated into something rather huge.
  • “If I didn’t push for it, He Qingfeng would never have demoted his daughter to the Bronze rank. After all, He Xiaoxiao is his daughter and the person he cares about the most. How can I kill her at my whim?” Han Jingru explained.
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