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Chapter 847 Back To Apocalypse

  • It was almost nine o’clock when Han Jingru and Su Yimo got back to the Genting Villa. As Han Xiang was still in the eating and sleeping phase of her life, most of her time would be spent asleep like what she was doing at the moment.
  • The couple brought Han Xiang into their own room and watched as she slept. Both of them wore a stupid smile on their face.
  • The three of them stayed together quietly, enjoying each other’s presence. To them, this was the greatest bliss.
  • Han Jingru had Han Xiang in his arms throughout the night. Nonetheless, he was still as energized as ever the next day even without sleep.
  • Early in the morning, Han Jingru was summoned by Han Xiuzhi to the backyard. Now that Su Yimo was cured, the issues in Yun City had come to a close, so he wanted to ask Han Jingru when he would be leaving.
  • “Today.” Han Jingru gave Han Xiuzhi a brief and precise answer. Han Jingru actually did not want to leave so soon, but Mr. Yi told him that energy fluctuation from the dimensional tunnel had intensified. That was why Han Jingru could not delay any further.
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