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Chapter 830 Shunning Out Of The World

  • After chatting with the man for a while, Fang Zhan finally entered Genting Villa.
  • Both Shi Yan and Han Xiuzhi were present in the living room, but Su Yimo was nowhere to be seen.
  • When Su Yimo started aging at a rapid pace, she refused all visitors and smashed every single mirror in the villa.
  • For a young and beautiful woman like her, such sudden aging was indeed a massive blow. Su Yimo had no idea how she would face Han Jingru in the future. She was afraid that he would return to Yun City out of the blue and see the new, ugly side of her.
  • The woman was so depressed that she even contemplated suicide to avoid her husband entirely.
  • But the thought of young Han Xiang stopped her from killing herself. She didn’t want her daughter to lose her mother at such a young age.
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