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Chapter 82 Coincidence

  • In the VIP room.
  • The bank director was just nervous and impassioned as he met Han Jingru.
  • The man was shocked to see that Han Jingru was so young. He had seen a fair share of young and successful people but it was his first time seeing someone that young having a net worth over a hundred billion.
  • “Mr. Han, you have surprised me with your young age.” Du Hong said.
  • The manager was giving off a seductive gesture from the side. The woman was trying to tempt Han Jingru with her charm. However, Han Jingru didn’t even cast her another gaze and he completely ignored how she tried to bring her skirt higher and exposing her thighs.
  • “Director Du, the reason for my visit today is to ask for your favor for Su Yimo.” Han Jingru said straightforwardly.
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