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Chapter 815 Level Up

  • Now, it did not matter whether what Tian Shuirou was up to. Everyone heard that Chen Yi was promised the well sought-after Chengzhong Village Project and envied him a lot. If any of them got that kind of deal, they would even go so far as to sleep with a homeless, let alone pursue Su Huiqi.
  • The matter at hand concerned the future of the Chen family’s company. If the Chen family were given the ticket to work on the project, their net worth would definitely soar through the sky in the near future along with their status in Yun City.
  • “Chen Yi, you are so damn lucky! How did you chance upon a killer deal like this?”
  • “Yeah, I might have to address you by Mr. Chen when I see you in the future since you’ll be on another level from us by then.”
  • “Sigh, I’m also quite close to Tian Shuirou. Why did she not offer me this deal?”
  • The lot of them let out a huge sigh unanimously.
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