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Chapter 811 Why Did He Come Back

  • Although Chen Yi was not interested in Su Huiqi, who was disdained by everyone else, he had no choice but to follow Tian Shuirou’s request.
  • He was extremely skilled in seducing women. Furthermore, as Su Huiqi was just a materialistic woman, it was a piece of cake for him to deal with her.
  • “Sure. However, you must pay for my expenses afterwards,” said Chen Yi with a smile.
  • “Doesn’t your family want to be involved in Chengzhong Village? As long as you accomplish this task well, I’ll give you a chance,” offered Tian Shuirou. The Tian family was involved in the Chengzhong Village project, so it was very easy for Tian Shuirou to share some benefits with Chen Yi’s family.
  • “Really? You aren’t kidding, right?” Chen Yi was so surprised that his jaw dropped. His family had been troubled over this recently. If he could accomplish such a feat, no one would say that he only knew how to squander his life away.
  • “When have I joked with you before?” replied Tian Shuirou.
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