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Chapter 802 Give Up

  • “You hit me, and you say you’re protecting me? What a joke, He Qingfeng. Send me to the Bronze domain, I dare you. My mom will be watching,” He Xiaoxiao said, still reluctant to admit her mistake.
  • He Qingfeng couldn’t help but raise his hand again. As the head of the Three Halls, he could have allowed He Xiaoxiao to fool around at the Three Halls, but not in front of Mr. Yi. He had to deal with this, or the Three Halls would have to bear the blemish of this matter forever.
  • “He Qingfeng, since she’s made such a request, you should act according to the rules of the Apocalypse. The Four Gates may have turned a blind eye in the past, but not this time.” Mr. Yi left straight away after saying that.
  • He Qingfeng’s heart sank, knowing that Mr. Yi wouldn’t give in so easily this time. Yet he couldn’t turn against Mr. Yi just to protect his daughter. Otherwise, he would become the sinner for the fallout between the Four Gates and the Three Halls.
  • “Mr. Yi, He Xiaoxiao has been imperious in the Apocalypse. She should have been relegated to the Bronze domain long ago, and it seems that we’ve gotten what we want now,” the assistant said to Mr. Yi.
  • Mr. Yi shook his head. “I couldn’t care less even if she dies. Her life doesn’t matter to me or the Apocalypse. But Han Jingru’s recent accident is a devastating blow to the Apocalypse.”
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