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Chapter 797 A Mountain Of Corpses

  • “Maybe you’re doing all this just to trick me,” replied He Qingfeng. He couldn’t find any fault or flaws in Han Jingru’s reaction and expression, but He Qingfeng still refused to believe the truth. After all, that was Fu Yao’s final resting place, and she was the most powerful fighter recorded in Apocalypse’s history.
  • “You think I’d risk my life to trick you?” chuckled Han Jingru before he walked ahead and brushed past He Qingfeng’s shoulder. There was no point in saying anything anymore. Han Jingru didn’t care if He Qingfeng believed in his words. Han Jingru was the only one who could walk into that place anyway, and he never cared about how others see him.
  • “Are you sure you want to do this? It’s not too late to back out now,” informed Mr. Yi when Han Jingru was walking past him.
  • “There are so many spectators around, and I will be the laughingstock if I back out now,” said Han Jingru.
  • “Even if that is the case, it will still be better than losing your life. You can still go back and make better preparations,” said Mr. Yi. The incident had gotten everyone in Apocalypse excited, and most had their eyes on it. Backing away at that moment would surely result in mocks and ridicules. However, those were nothing compared to surviving.
  • “I’m ready,” insisted Han Jingru without a second thought.
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