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Chapter 796 To The Cave

  • Apocalypse started gossiping about Han Jingru, and Lin Tong was insulted in the process.
  • Han Jingru being promoted as a Gold-rank fighter already made his achievement way better than Lin Tong’s. However, Lin Tong could still take comfort in the fact that at least they were of the same rank. The Devil’s Cave was a frightening place for Lin Tong, and he never even dreamed of challenging it. Han Jingru, on the other hand, was being proactive.
  • Even if Han Jingru’s and Lin Tong’s skills were ignored, the difference in their courage still made Han Jingru look better than Lin Tong. That crushed the heart of the man known as the Chosen One.
  • He Xiaoxiao was similarly distraught by that news. As far as she was concerned, Han Jingru was just a piece of trash with Bronze rank. It had only been two weeks since they met, but that trash had already risen so fast that he achieved something that no one else had.
  • “Dad, is Han Jingru really facing the Devil’s Cave?” asked He Xiaoxiao when she saw He Qingfeng. She thought it was possible for the entire thing to be nothing more than rumors. Why would Han Jingru be so eager to challenge the Devil’s Cave?
  • He Qingfeng was equally stumped at that moment. He shared the same idea that Mr. Yi had. Han Jingru could enter Fu Yao’s resting place as many times as he wanted, and he could strengthen himself with the secrets held in that place. Why would he challenge the Devil’s Cave so soon?
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