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Chapter 795 Flee

  • Han Jingru walked straight to the two men and asked Mr. Yi, “When can we start?”
  • Mr. Yi knew that Han Jingru couldn’t wait, but the former was still surprised by his visit that early in the morning. After all, Han Jingru had walked past the secret door and entered Fu Yao’s resting place. Mr. Yi was certain that the book wasn’t the only item of interest in that grave, so he thought that Han Jingru would try to sneak into the grave again.
  • “When would you like to start?” asked Mr. Yi.
  • “Today,” answered Han Jingru firmly.
  • “Is there really nothing in the grave that is of your interest?” asked Mr. Yi as he frowned. Both Mr. Yi and He Qingfeng guessed that the place contained a secret item that could change Apocalypse. It might even turn Apocalypse stronger, and the fact that Han Jingru could enter the place meant that the item inside could make him stronger.
  • The Devil’s Cave was a dangerous place where one mishap could mean certain death, and Mr. Yi thought it would be better if Han Jingru faced the Devil’s Cave after becoming stronger.
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