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Chapter 794 Petty

  • He Qingfeng wasn’t satisfied even after he got the book. He refused to believe that Han Jingru only got that one item out of there.
  • “Han Jingru, it’s easy to prove whether you have taken any other item with you. Strip naked in front of me, and I’ll believe you,” said He Qingfeng.
  • Han Jingru scoffed. This old fart really is pushing it. It’s true that Han Jingru also had a pearl with him, but that item might have something to do with Su Yimo, so Han Jingru would never hand it over to He Qingfeng.
  • Moreover, Han Jingru would not strip naked to prove his innocence whatsoever, because there was never a need for that.
  • “He Qingfeng, I can enter and leave as I please, so why would I even need to take anything out of it? Besides, the most valuable item is already with you. You are welcome to go in and check it out for yourself if you’d like,” sneered Han Jingru.
  • If He Qingfeng could actually enter the place, he wouldn’t be waiting the entire time. Han Jingru’s words basically hit He Qingfeng’s weakest point.
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