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Chapter 791 Nothing You Can Do About It

  • The three of them traveled and finally reached their destination.
  • Standing before Han Jingru was a rocky mountain peak where not even the grass could survive or grow.
  • “Is this it? Where’s the house?” asked Han Jingru curiously as he turned to Mr. Yi. It doesn’t look like anyone lived here.
  • “Follow me,” instructed Mr. Yi grimly. He had always been respectful and serious when he traveled to that place. It was understandable that his childish side and smiles were gone, though. After all, the most powerful fighter of Apocalypse lived there.
  • Han Jingru only noticed some strange details when he was standing in front of the mountain wall. The rocks looked like they were formed naturally and had uneven shapes, but a small opening at the side formed a straight line. It was almost like the entire thing was a door.
  • “Check this out. What does this look like?” asked Mr. Yi as he pointed at a random spot on the wall.
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