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Chapter 79 Bank Loan

  • When everyone was pointing their fingers at Su Yimo, the woman was just boiling in anger. However, Han Jingru got closer and whispered in her ear.
  • Su Yimo’s eyes widened and she looked at Han Jingru shockingly. The woman shook her head. Now that everyone was just desperate to shirk the responsibility on her, if she were to take it up actively, she would be playing right to their trap!
  • Han Jingru simply nodded with a smile and said, “Trust me.”
  • Su Yimo was stunned. Whenever Han Jingru said that, she would believe him unconditionally. That kind of trust was almost religious.
  • “Grandma, I can think of something to get the bank to approve of a loan.” Su Yimo stood up and said.
  • The moment she said that, Su Ruijin sneered tauntingly. Not even the grandmother could get the loan, and Su Yimo wanted to do that?
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