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Chapter 787 Ability Of A Platinum Rank Fighter

  • On the ring, Han Jingru still stood with his hands behind his back, but his posture did not appear awkward, nor did it make others think that he was taking the test with the Gold-rank fighter lightly. On the contrary, many people thought that this was what a real master would do, and many women were even fangirling over him.
  • They believed that Han Jingru would definitely be able to pass the test, and could even possibly end the battle in the shortest time.
  • After all, Jiang Yingying had made the miracle possible earlier, while Han Jingru was obviously more powerful than she was. So they reckoned that he would also be able to do what she could do.
  • “He’s so handsome. It turns out that there’s someone who is more handsome than Lin Tong in this world.”
  • “He is the true Chosen One. Lin Tong’s nothing.”
  • “From today onwards, Han Jingru is my prince charming. Lin Tong? Get out of my way.”
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