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Chapter 786 Nothing

  • Having unintentionally exposed his plan with He Xiaoxiao, he shuddered after coming back to his senses.
  • There would be serious consequences if He Qingfeng knew about this. By telling him, he would also betray He Xiaoxiao, and the consequences of offending the wicked woman were even more unimaginable.
  • However, what was said obviously could not be unsaid.
  • When Lin Tong noticed He Xiaoxiao shooting daggers at him, he did not dare to look up.
  • He Qingfeng grabbed him by the collar and lifted him off the ground. He knew how willful his daughter was. If she really did something that violated the rules of Apocalypse, he would not be able to save her albeit his identity as the head of the Three Halls, so he could only stop it before it happened.
  • “Lin Tong, I want you to tell me what’s going on and what your plan is,” He Qingfeng said through his gritted teeth.
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