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Chapter 778 Body Transformation

  • After a long silence, Mr. Yi’s gaze became increasingly determined. He believed that Han Jingru was the only one who could solve the current predicament that they were in. He was the sole person who could save their entire world.
  • “Yes,” Mr. Yi’s tone was calm, but filled with unyielding resolution.
  • His assistant drew in another deep breath, left with no choice but to change his own views about Han Jingru.
  • Even though he still felt that Han Jingru wasn’t someone worth mentioning, if Mr. Yi displayed such unwavering belief in him, it meant that he was trustworthy and should at least be given the benefit of the doubt.
  • “The second round of the Qualifying Tournament is about to begin. Do you want to watch it, Mr. Yi?” the assistant asked.
  • Mr. Yi shook his head and replied, “There’s nothing much to see. I’m a hundred percent sure that he’ll be promoted.”
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