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Chapter 769 Just Like that

  • Lin Tong’s words once again filled He Xiaoxiao with anger. Being disregarded by Han Jingru was something that had been humiliating to her. How could she tell Lin Tong about it?
  • “This is my last warning to you, Lin Tong. This is none of your business. You better not get on my bad side. I know that you want to join Three Halls, and I’m sure that you’re well aware of my position in my father’s heart. If I’m not willing, my father will definitely reject you,” He Xiaoxiao stated in an icy tone.
  • Lin Tong had only said it as a defensive counterattack. He never expected to have received such a huge reaction from He Xiaoxiao. This made him increasingly curious about what happened between the two of them that had angered He Xiaoxiao as such.
  • However, he was smart enough to know that probing further would only serve to antagonize her. The moment she spoke ill of him to He Qingfeng, he could kiss his wish to join Three Halls goodbye.
  • Everyone in Apocalypse knew how much He Qingfeng doted on his daughter. No matter what mistakes she made, He Qingfeng would always cover them up for her. Hence, offending He Xiaoxiao became some sort of taboo amongst those in Apocalypse.
  • “I’m sorry, it was rude of me to say that.” Lin Tong, the Chosen One, had actually chosen to compromise. He had even spoken with his head bowed at a degree that was enough to show his sincerity.
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