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Chapter 755 Giving Up The Fight

  • Han Jingru was charged up as he fought, cornering Chen Bao who could only defend himself. Under such circumstances, it was clear to everyone, including those from the Martial Arts Association, that Han Jingru was far more capable than Chen Bao.
  • No one could have guessed that the strongest martial art fighter would be defeated by the young master of the Han family.
  • The members of the Martial Arts Association understood that they would become a laughingstock after this incident. On the other hand, the Han family’s status would rise to an unrivaled position in Yan City.
  • “Who would’ve known that Han Jingru is so capable. I can’t believe that he defeated Chen Bao.”
  • “Didn’t they say Han Jingru is just a useless piece of trash? How did he become so competent?”
  • “When Han Yu entered prison, the Han family should have collapsed, but now, it is even more powerful because of Han Jingru.”
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