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Chapter 748 Is It Too High Profile

  • “Lingyun Martial Arts Academy is really going to embarrass themselves this time. I can’t believe they’re letting a weak woman like her join the Master Category.”
  • “Even if you want to be a sensationalist, this isn’t the way. Wang Xin must have lost his marbles.”
  • “He’s using this to improve Lingyun Martial Arts Academy’s reputation. I really don’t know what Wang Xin is thinking about. Does he think that a ridiculous fight like this will return Lingyun Martial Arts Academy to its former glory?”
  • “Maybe Wang Xin is trying out an unorthodox method for people to remember his academy. I’d say Lingyun Martial Arts Academy is coming to its end.”
  • The audience was in a heated discussion about the matter. However, there was one thing they all agreed on—Jiang Yingying’s participation was a joke. She would bring no surprise to them.
  • Although Wang Xin was in the front row, he could still clearly hear the discussion. Their words infuriated Wang Xin. He knew that Jiang Yingying’s presence would create an uproar, but he did not expect it to be this bad. Almost every individual in the stadium was mocking Lingyun Martial Arts Academy.
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