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Chapter 745 Cancellation Of Competition

  • Lei Heming was a talented man who recently rose to fame. He was the strongest fighter among his peers. Many martial arts academies had declined due to Zhantian Martial Arts Academy’s frequent challenges these two years. Lei Heming had been the one to succeed in these challenges, and that was why Zhantian Martial Arts Academy was slowly becoming the top martial arts academy of Yan City.
  • It was rumored that Lei Heming would not participate in the upcoming martial arts championship, and many heaved sighs of relief. However, Master Wang was surprised to find that the rumors were fake.
  • Since Fang Zhantian was the one to announce it, there was no need to doubt Lei Heming’s participation in the upcoming championship. It seemed like he would really be the champion for this round.
  • Lei Heming had defeated countless martial arts academy owners. The others were no match for him.
  • Looking at the shocked expression Master Wang had, Fang Zhantian gleefully smirked. This was why he wanted Lei Heming to take on the challenges. He wanted everyone to be frightened out of their wits when they heard Lei Heming’s name.
  • “Are you scared? That’s normal. You should feel scared with how strong Lei Heming is,” Fang Zhantian crowed.
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