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Chapter 741 Maximum Idiocy

  • The next day, many gathered around the Han Residence. These were Zhong Tianli’s men who were prepared to strike at Su Yimo and Han Xiang.
  • Like Han Jingru had said, Zhong Tianli was a muscular idiot. His men were crowding around the Han Residence as if he were afraid that Han Jingru and the others would not realize their presence. Anyone with eyes would have known that the surrounding people had ill intentions.
  • “It looks like the Zhong family wants to play dirty tricks and target Yimo and Han Xiang. There are at least twenty people loitering outside,” Yan Qiong commented in exasperation when they were having their breakfast.
  • Similarly, Han Jingru was speechless. What kind of a stupid opponent have I met? Does he not know what it means to mask your plans?
  • “It looks like Zhong Tianli is the one planning this. Has Zhong Mingguo lost his mind to let an idiot like him do this?” Han Jingru huffed. He was sick of dealing with an opponent with barely any intelligence.
  • “Zhong Tianyi should be the one in charge of this since he’s the one Zhong Mingguo has high hopes for,” Han Xiuzhi added.
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