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Chapter 732 Not Worth Sympathizing

  • On the way back to the city, Ho Ting thanked Han Jingru gratefully. If it weren’t for him, she wouldn’t have the courage to return to the village.
  • To Han Jingru, it was a small matter and there was no need for Ho Ting to thank him at all.
  • More importantly, Jiang Yingying would be following him to Apocalypse and venturing into the unknown. Thus, the help Han Jingru gave Ho Ting could be considered as compensation for Jiang Yingying.
  • After returning to the villa, Han Jingru needed to make a trip to Yan City. In the past, Nangong Shuxian had never brought him to the ancestral worship ceremony as she did not regard him as one of the Hans, thus he wasn’t qualified to partake in the ceremony.
  • Han Jingru was envious of Han Yu back then, as he could pay his respect to the ancestors at the ancestral shrine. But after Han Jingru grew up and realized other family members did not recognize him as a Han, he felt ashamed of his younger self. Worshipping the ancestors? How pathetic!
  • Han Jingru said, “Mom, I heard other prominent families pressured the Han family after Dad passed away. When we get back, let’s make them pay.”
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