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Chapter 73 Look Down On Me

  • Su Yimo did not entertain those meaningless flattery and she simply responded with a smile. But the gaze of Su Ruijin was filled with even more hatred. The man enjoyed the flattery from the Su family members. And right now, Su Yimo had snatched that away from him.
  • “Su Yimo, you better not be so conceited.” Su Ruijin gritted his teeth.
  • “By the way, from tomorrow onwards, we need two people to be on the construction site. You and Su Huiqi should go then.” Su Yimo spoke to Su Ruijin.
  • Su Ruijin slammed on the meeting table and jumped up furiously, “Su Yimo, I am in the upper management of the company. What right do you have to ask me to go to the site?”
  • Now that the sun was just strong, who would want to go out from the air-conditioned room?
  • Su Ruijin would never show up in the construction site. That was just degrading for the young master.
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