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Chapter 721 Those Who Enter Apocalypse Shall Be Prepared To Die

  • After the incident at Bin County, Han Jingru headed back to Yun City without delay.
  • Although he wanted to stall for time to tie up more loose ends, there was nothing that required his personal attention after the incident at Bin County.
  • At the peak of Genting Mountain, Mr. Yi and Fang Zhan were standing against the howling wind, unaffected by the cold despite not having many layers on.
  • “Do you think this is a good timing to bring him back?” Mr. Yi asked Fang Zhan. Lately, Mr. Yi had been mulling over this problem. With Su Yimo and Han Xiang, Han Jingru could not let go of his attachments to the mortal world. This would be an obstacle to Han Jingru’s growth in the Apocalypse, causing him to hesitate when dealing with some problems.
  • However, being able to sever attachments to the mortal world was a prerequisite to entering the Apocalypse. This was a hard and fast rule, but Mr. Yi knew he could not force it upon Han Jingru. This would only lead to Han Jingru fighting back and might even make him give up on the Apocalypse.
  • “Mr. Yi, the first and foremost rule of the Apocalypse is that those who enter apocalypse shall be prepared to die. Han Jingru cannot do this,” Fang Zhan replied. He was not trying to say that Han Jingru feared death, but because he had responsibilities in the mortal world, he would need to treasure his life for the people who depended on him.
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