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Chapter 714 Paying Respects

  • “Take another step and you’re done for,” Su Yimo threatened him.
  • Han Jingru froze on the ground, stumped by her words.
  • Su Yimo walked over to his side and pinched him on the waist. Han Jingru gasped from the pain.
  • “Are you going to blame me then?” Su Yimo gritted through her teeth. She felt like digging a hole. She wanted to jump right into it when she thought about others hearing her moans. How am I going to face the others in the family now?
  • “Blame it all on me. It’s my fault.” Han Jingru could only take the blame. Speaking from experience, it’ll be a futile attempt, reasoning things out with a woman.
  • She felt a twinge in her heart when she pinched Han Jingru on the waist. Su Yimo did not have the heart to blame it all on him since it had happened. She could only try to accept what had transpired.
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