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Chapter 712 Reward

  • Presenting his proposal, Su Wenlun suggested that they should send Tang Long over to Rumo Real Estate. Seeing that this would coincide with his plans, Han Jingru did not bother to make any further comments.
  • Initially apprehensive about his arrangements, Su Wenlun was visibly relieved when he noticed that Han Jingru did not have any comments to give him.
  • Jingru, thank you for respecting my decision. Su Wenlun lamented to himself. When Han Jingru first married into the Su family as a live-in son-in-law, I looked down on him. Although I never went overboard like Jiang Yan, I did not treat him any better either. However, Su Wenlun was aware that he had to depend on Han Jingru now, for others to respect him. Hence, Su Wenlun was plagued with guilt.
  • Everything that is currently in the Su family’s possession is bestowed upon us by Han Jingru. Su Wenlun did not take things for granted, as compared to Jiang Yan. He did not feel like he had any bargaining chips on his hand, although Han Jingru had married his daughter. In his perspective, Han Jingru could have chosen to give such blessings to anyone else.
  • “You’re my father-in-law. This is the least that I can do for you. Let’s allow bygones to be bygones,” Han Jingru replied.
  • Su Wenlun nodded his head earnestly. It is a pity that Jiang Yan is unable to enjoy the same honor. Had she not been so materialistic and stupid, she would have been able to enjoy the high life that she could merely dream of. It is a shame that she has committed one wrongdoing after another, causing her to make the stupidest decisions in her life.
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