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Chapter 697 Celebration Day

  • On the day of Han Xiang’s hundredth-day celebration, a number of luxurious cars lined up, to head toward Bifeng manor. It was the most glorious day that Bifeng manor had ever seen since its opening. Zhang Bifeng knew that he would not expect such a crowd at his manor, in its foreseeable future. Hence, he considered this to be a milestone of his manor, as he arranged for photographers to capture the images of the bigshots coming here today. He even planned to have a wall of fame, to display these bigshots’ photos.
  • The bigshots would have sought to protest against Zhang Bifeng’s plan if it were any other given occasion. However, they soon decided to accept Zhang Bifeng’s plan with open hearts, as they agreed that it was Han Jingru’s daughter’s hundredth-day celebration, after all. Hence, they were forced to accept Zhang Bifeng’s plan, all with bright smiles.
  • It is Han Jingru’s daughter’s hundredth-day celebration after all. Who would dare to even furrow their brows?
  • The hundredth-day celebration was set to commence at twelve. However, as of eleven o’clock, all the influential figures of Yun City had already gathered at Bifeng manor. If they were to bomb Bifeng manor at such a time, the business arena of Yun City would have crumbled instantly.
  • “Grandpa, I was under the impression that we’d arrived early. However, it seems as though these people have arrived earlier than us.” Tian Shuirou held Tian Jingshuo’s hands. They arrived at Bifeng manor, at about ten in the morning. Tian Shuirou had certainly believed that they had arrived well ahead of time. To her surprise, the car park was already full of luxurious cars. This could only mean that they were late to the party as well.
  • Tian Jingshuo smiled and nodded. These bigshots often prefer to have been the last to arrive at such parties. They would usually use such opportunities to display their power and wealth to others. However, they have not dared to play the same game at Han Xiang’s hundredth-day celebration. Doing as such is akin to having a death wish.
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