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Chapter 687 Prosperity And Decline Never Lasts

  • Su Huiqi heard what he said, but she still could not suppress her own feelings of envy towards Su Yimo despite her best efforts. Things had been so rough for them of late that she could not even splurge on luxury goods like she used to.
  • By comparison, Su Yimo’s net worth meant she did not even need to stop at luxury goods. There was probably not much left in Yun City that she could not acquire if she willed it.
  • An invitation card to Han Xiang’s hundredth-day being valued in the millions. This was something Su Huiqi could never have imagined.
  • Su Ruijin shared her sentiment. He kicked himself for treating Han Jingru so badly before that they now could not even bask in the Han family’s reflected glory. But alas, there was no point in crying over spilled milk.
  • “Why don’t you go steal a few of those invitation cards? We might be able to score some profit from it.” Su Ruijin proposed.
  • Su Huiqi was enticed but shortly after, she sighed again.
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