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Chapter 683 Influential Figure

  • The group of people consisted of the local food and beverage industry giants and the heads of neighboring cities. The competition was nothing but fierce. All of them were fighting for the same prize and were aware of how rare the opportunity was. A connection with Han Jingru could elevate anyone into a completely new league. No one would be willing to allow such a great opportunity to pass.
  • The number of people outside the house had climbed to a hundred and was still going. The security guards were speechless. They have never seen such a scene before in their lives. The next time such an event occurred would probably be before Han Xiang’s birthday.
  • These were just the tangible repercussions of this event. Those who had not invested in the food and beverage industry were now clambering to do so. This would allow them to compete to participate in the hundredth-day celebration. The celebration had undeniably taken over the entire Yun City, as well as its neighbors.
  • “Do you need us to contact President Han on your behalf?” As the crowd grew, so did the security guards’ anxiety. If these people end up obstructing traffic, our superiors will definitely put the blame on us. We need to find a way to handle the situation.
  • However, the bosses shook their heads when asked. They preferred to wait with no end in sight rather than disturb Han Jingru.
  • They all desired to make a good impression on Han Jingru and disturbing him might jeopardize that goal.
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