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Chapter 680 Could It Be Because Of That

  • “Jingru,” Su Yimo called, walking into the backyard. “The bodyguards said that there are two people kneeling at the foot of the mountain, asking to meet you. They tried to chase them away, but those two refused to leave. Do you want to see them?”
  • She had heard from the bodyguards that the two people had been kneeling at the foot of the mountain for hours, creating a huge scene and disrupting traffic.
  • “Looks like they bribed the bodyguards,” Han Jingru said with a grin. The bodyguards would have thrown out anyone trying to kick up a fuss without the need to inform me, so the only explanation for this would be...bribery.
  • “You should go and take a look,” Su Yimo said, a little annoyed.
  • “Yeah, I will,” Han Jingru chuckled as he stood up from his chair. “I’d love to see who has the guts to cause such a huge scene here!”
  • Blondie and his father were at their wits’ end. Out of pure desperation for their own lives and their reputation in Yun City, they handed a bodyguard a huge sum of money and managed to bribe him into calling Han Jingru over.
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