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Chapter 675 Arriving At Yun City

  • Determined, Su Yimo shook her head. Knowing that Han Jingru was coming back, a bit of waiting didn’t matter to her, even if it were twenty days. Han Jingru was her pillar of support and she had dreamed of Han Jingru coming back to her many times.
  • It’s only twenty hours. And then I can finally see Jingru!
  • Su Yimo said, “No. I want to wait for him.”
  • Mo Lan could understand that Su Yimo was eager to see Han Jingru. However, the weather was terrible, and every family member of Han Jingru was waiting here. What if one of them caught a cold?
  • Mo Lan asked Han Xiuzhi, “Sir, how about you guys go home first?”
  • Han Xiuzhi replied indifferently, “What? Are you looking down on me because I’m old?”
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