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Chapter 666 Ambassador

  • At the Nangong family house on the island.
  • As someone who was paying full attention to the events in the Chinese District, Nangong Boling was more excited than he was when he earned his first bucket of gold. Han Jingru had proved himself in the Chinese District, and Nangong Boling knew that meant the young man would gain a higher position in Apocalypse.
  • Moreover, he was the disciple that Mr. Yi was taking in. From now on, his future was limitless.
  • This was the first time Nangong Boling truly felt that the Nangong family could become affiliated with Apocalypse.
  • Affiliation is not a very meaningful word by itself. Whether an affiliation was impressive depended heavily on what it was affiliated with. Affiliation with a place like Apocalypse was, of course, worthwhile.
  • Nangong Boling knew Nangong Sun died by Han Jingru’s hands but he did not blame Han Jingru for it. In fact, he was glad that Nangong Sun was dead. He deserved it for looking for trouble with Han Jingru.
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