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Chapter 656 Like A Moth To The Flame

  • The news of the coffin disappearing from the Han family Villa shook the entire Chinese District.
  • Has Han Xiuyuan finally made his move and is going to start his counterattack against Han Jingru?
  • This event foreshadowed a good show coming. Han Jingru and Han Xiuyuan would have a showdown to resolve their differences soon and countless people were focused on this incident.
  • Meanwhile, at the Qi residence.
  • When Qi Donglin got wind of this, he discussed it with Ouyang Fei and decided to keep Qi Bingying in the dark about this. Ever since she got home, she had shut herself in the room. Her parents knew that she must have been hurt and if they let her know that Han Xiuyuan was making a move on Han Jingru, she might even rush to Han Jingru’s aid.
  • They felt sorry for their own daughter and did not want her to continue embarrassing herself.
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