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Chapter 652 Why Court Death

  • From Li Shanfeng’s point of view, his threat should have been enough to instill fear in Qi Bingying and even get her to beg him for mercy. He would have a chance to pity Qi Bingying and she might even throw herself into his arms.
  • However, reality was disappointing.
  • Qi Bingying had a resilient expression and showed no hint of fear. She simply sneered at him.
  • “Aren’t you afraid?” Li Shanfeng gritted his teeth.
  • Several red streaks instantly formed on Qi Bingying’s face after Li Shanfeng slapped her, but she showed no fear. She believed that someone as useless as Li Shanfeng was no match for Han Jingru and that Han Jingru would come and save her.
  • Qi Bingying was even somewhat grateful to Li Shanfeng for capturing her. Since she left Han Jingru’s home, she had not had a chance to contact Han Jingru. Li Shanfeng gave her a chance to meet him.
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