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Chapter 646 An Eye For An Eye

  • Li Shanfeng too, was full of regret. He did not expect that two years from that day, Yan Yu would be able to find herself a backer of this caliber. If he could turn back the clock, he would surely have chosen to give her the money without ever harboring ill designs on her. Unfortunately, it was too little, too late.
  • After he received a thorough thrashing from his father, Li Shanfeng could not muster even a sliver of defiance as he knelt before Han Jingru, the fearsome character who drove Han Xiuyuan out of the Chinese District.
  • “Mr. Han, I was foolish. I will now do everything within my ability to make reparations to Yan Yu and in whatever form that she wishes.” Li Shanfeng kept his head bowed in deference.
  • Yan Yu exhaled as she bore witness to this scene. To see the day the arrogant and domineering Li Family languish and have the opportunity to strike back at them was something she dreamed of even in her sleep. She was not grateful to the gods for the opportunity to know Han Jingru as she held no faith in the divine. But at this very moment in her heart, Han Jingru was a deity and the grace of heaven itself.
  • “An eye for an eye. Have you heard of this before?” Han Jingru asked stoically.
  • The faces of the Li trio sunk.
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