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Chapter 637 A New Era

  • Even on a wheelchair, Han Jingru caused a commotion in the Chinese District with his sudden appearance.
  • Numerous families from the district flocked to the Han residence at once to keep their eyes on the latest happenings.
  • They knew well that the conflict within the Han family was far from over. With Han Jingru keeping his distance with Ma Yu out of caution, they could tell that he still had some cards to play.
  • As bystanders, all of them were anticipating how the conflict would resolve. They wanted to know if Han Xiuyuan would be defeated by that vicious young man.
  • For a long time, Han Xiuyuan’s absolute monopoly over the Chinese District was not to be questioned. It seemed that only time could pose as a threat to his power—his authority would only fade with his death.
  • However, with Han Jingru’s emergence, they saw hope. The hope of a new leader who would mark the start of a new era.
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