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Chapter 629 Revenge For Han Xiang

  • Su Yimo was unperturbed by Han Xiuzhi’s questioning as she raised her hand again.
  • Jiang Yan did not give her any chances this time as she quickly hid behind Shi Yan.
  • “Have you gone mad? How dare you hit your mother!” Jiang Yan snapped.
  • Shi Yan knew what kind of person Su Yimo was; she would never hit Jiang Yan for no reason. However, if she did not clarify the situation, no one would know what was going on.
  • “Yimo, what’s going on?” Shi Yan asked.
  • When Su Yimo thought about how Han Xiang had been left on the balcony to freeze, her tears fell. The pain in her chest was suffocating her. She could not imagine the torment Han Xiang went through when she was shivering from the cold.
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