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Chapter 627 Are You Bragging

  • Out of anger, Ma Yu kicked Ma Feihao in the arse, and he fell flat on the ground.
  • Puzzled and clueless, Ma Feihao asked, “Why did you kick me, uncle?”
  • Clenching his fist, Ma Yu said brusquely, “Get out of here! Better be quick in finding someone to protect Han Jingru.”
  • Ma Feihao could not comprehend Ma Yu’s sudden outburst, but he could clearly feel his wrath.
  • He stood up immediately and ran way without even dusting off.
  • “Such a stupid fellow.” Ma Yu was very crossed. It’s so obvious that Han Xiuyuan is going to Yun City to seek help from Han Xiuzhi. The reason for that is to have Han Xiuzhi stop Han Jingru from attacking the Hans. Is Ma Feihao missing some brain cells? Why can’t he connect the dots?
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