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Chapter 626 I Need To Go To Yun City

  • Ma Feihao made a trip to the company to meet up with Tang Cheng. However, the latter did not need his help at this stage. Thus, after reaching some verbal agreements, Ma Feihao left.
  • He could not wait to prove himself, in the hope that he could build a better relationship with Han Jingru. Considering the current situation, there did not seem to have any opportunity.
  • Having some time to kill, Ma Feihao drove to the Han family’s villa.
  • Ma Yu was still resting on the coffin. As long as he was present, the bodyguards of the Han family would not dare to step closer to the coffin.
  • “Uncle.”
  • Ma Yu propped himself up when he heard Ma Feihao’s voice. “What’s the matter? You look terrible. I reckon you didn’t get a chance to please Han Jingru?” Ma Yu asked when he found Ma Feihao down in the dumps.
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