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Chapter 624 Who Is He

  • Fang Shuo wasn’t paying attention and didn’t realize Ma Feihao was addressing Han Jingru in a respectful manner. The only thing the former was thinking of was now that Han Jingru had fallen into Ma Yu’s hands, it would mean that Ma Feihao, who was Ma Yu’s nephew, had control over Han Jingru.
  • An idea instantly struck Fang Shuo as he realized the reason for Ma Feihao’s visit. He thought the visitor was looking to benefit off himself.
  • “Hao, I’ll accept any of your requests if you help me solve ‘that’ problem,” proposed Fang Shuo. He valued his life over his money as the latter can be earned again.
  • What is this idiot thinking? Did he not notice how I address Han Jingru? Is he really expecting me to help with his revenge? Ma Feihao couldn’t help but scoff. “Fang Shuo, how stupid can you be?”
  • “W-what are you talking about?”
  • “What am I talking about?” Ma Feihao suddenly grabbed Fang Shuo by his hair. “How dare you think of making a move against Mr. Han? Are you so eager to meet your maker?”
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