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Chapter 623 Is Your Aunt Here

  • “Do you really think we can still target Han Xiuzhi? This will only anger Han Jingru even more,” said Han Xiao.
  • We aren’t kidnapping Han Xiuzhi? Han Xiuyuan looked at Han Xiao, completely puzzled and unable to comprehend what he meant. Then, why are we searching for him?
  • “What do you mean?” Han Xiuyuan raised his question.
  • Han Xiao sighed. “You are no longer high and mighty, so you should look at things differently. The reason we’re looking for Han Xiuzhi is so that we can settle the scores between the both of you and ask him to help persuade Han Jingru to let us live.”
  • “Over my dead body!” Han Xiuyuan roared as soon as he heard the suggestion. It was as if he’d just heard a joke.
  • From cutting ties with Han Xiuzhi and forcing him to leave the U.S., Han Xiuyuan always seemed to be superior and his brother would always be inferior; there was no way he was going to succumb to inferiority.
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