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Chapter 622 How Absurd

  • As expected, Ma Yu had a part in Ma Feiyu changing his attitude. However, Han Jingru got even more confused. Why did Ma Yu save me? And why did he tell Ma Feihao to be my lackey?
  • Knowing Ma Feihao’s personality, if he could let go of his grudges and lower his pride to please Han Jingru, that meant Ma Yu had told him about the graveness of the situation. However, Han Jingru didn’t know what Ma Yu told Ma Feihao for him to have done this.
  • “Why did he do that?” Han Jingru looked at Ma Feihao in confusion.
  • Ma Feihao shook his head as he was in a dilemma. In his opinion, Ma Yu should be the one answering Han Jingru’s doubts, and he felt he wasn’t qualified to tell him. Ma Feihao was afraid that he might say something wrong as well. It would be rather troublesome if matters got worse.
  • “Mr. Han, it’ll be better to ask my uncle when he’s back. I’m not really sure about the details, and I’m afraid that I might say something wrong. I hope you can understand. But, from today onward, I’ll do my best to satisfy your every request.” Ma Feihao was mentally prepared to be Han Jingru’s lackey, so he was ready to do everything for him.
  • “Where did your uncle go?” Han Jingru asked as he never saw Ma Yu since the incident. He was worried Ma Yu would leave without telling him anything, and he would’ve so many questions left unanswered in his mind.
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