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Chapter 614 The Boss Of The Funeral Home Died

  • “You must not disappoint them. Because we trust you, we are risking everything that the Qi Family has.” Smiling, Qi Bingying poured a glass of wine for Han Jingru.
  • “I don’t want to shoulder such pressure. If something bad happens, the Qi Family will be sacrificed alongside as well. I will not protect the Qi Family by putting my life at stake,” said Han Jingru.
  • Raising her eyebrows, Qi Bingying rebuked, “The Qi Family is willing to sacrifice for you. Me too.”
  • “You’re nuts!” Han Jingru could not help but scold her.
  • “It’s fine if you want to treat me like a madwoman. Anyway, I’ve already discovered a problem with myself a long time ago. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have liked you so much.” Tears brimmed in Qi Bingying’s eyes, but she forced herself to smile. Yet, her empty smile, filled with such sorrow, made her look even more pitiful.
  • Han Jingru sighed and drank the wine in a single gulp.
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