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Chapter 586 You Must Be Crazy

  • Shu Yang looked at Han Jingru's outstretched hand, a little taken aback. The word “friend” frightened him considerably. Back then, his best friend backstabbed him, even roping in his beloved to break him completely. If not for that, he wouldn't be suffering like this.
  • Han Jingru noticed Shu Yang's strange behavior, and guessed that the word “friend” was a trigger word.
  • Taking back his hand, Han Jingru said, “If 'friend' is too hard for you to swallow, how about 'business partner'?”
  • Shu Yang gave a weak laugh. After so much suffering, he thought he would have let go of the past and moved on, but he didn't expect the wound to be pulled opened again at the mention of the word “friend”.
  • “Moved on” was a total lie.
  • “I wouldn't end up like this if not for 'friends',” Shu Yang said quietly.
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