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Chapter 584 A Trial Of A Billion

  • “He's interested in formula racing, and would like to start a team of his own. Why don't you guys show him the ropes?” Qi Bingying said. She knew that they won't be off to a good start. After all, why would anyone be nice to her “friends”?
  • “Which family are you from? What makes you think you can join us?” A guy named Fang Shuo scoffed. As the most committed pursuer of Qi Bingying, he was the most hostile towards Han Jingru. His sixth sense told him that their relationship wasn't something as simple as “just friends”. If that was the case, Qi Bingying wouldn't have bothered to bring him here personally.
  • “Money isn't a problem,” Han Jingru said calmly. He wasn't this confident before, but now that he had direct access to Nangong Boling's fortune, he wouldn't hesitate to splurge to his heart's desire.
  • “Never heard of you before. What does your family do here at Chinese District?” Fang Shuo asked.
  • “I've just arrived here in America. My family hasn't expanded their business to America yet,” Han Jingru said.
  • Fang Shuo raised his eyebrows arrogantly and turned to the others, “So he's a newbie! Why don't you guys tell him how expensive it's going to be?”
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